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Dude Survives The Boston Marathon Bombing And The Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

This combination photo shows, left, Amy Berti, in a photo taken by husband Joe in Boston on Sunday, and, at right, an AP photo showing her running from the first marathon explosion. She wasn’t hurt

(NEWSER) – Not too many people can relate to this week better than Austin’s Joe Berti. He raced in the Boston Marathon and figures he crossed the finish line about 30 seconds before the first bomb went off, reports AP. His wife got hit with shrapnel but escaped serious injury. The Bertis returned to Texas on Tuesday, and the next night, as he drove home from a meeting in Dallas on I-35, Joe’s car got rocked by the explosion of the fertilizer plant in West, Texas. He survived that, too, even pulling over to snap a photo of the plume—as debris hit his car. (See the image in the story’s photo gallery.) “People keep saying, ‘Don’t you feel unlucky?’ and I was actually the opposite—saying not only do I not feel unlucky, but I feel blessed that my wife could be 10 yards from the explosion and not have a scratch.” So will he be staying home for a while? “We need to keep him moving,” says his wife, Amy. “Maybe he just needs to stand in an open field.”

Joe I’m absolutely thrilled you and your family survived both of these horrific events, but do me a favor – stay the FUCK away from me. You’ve got death chasing you Final Destination style and we all know how that shit ends. There’s been like 6 of those movies and the moral of the story is always the same.

Absolutely unbelievable coincidence. Roll yourself up in some bubble wrap and stay the fuck inside dude.