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Ray Allen Better Get His Ass Booed Today


I have a weird feeling Ray Allen is going to get a mixed reaction today.   More cheers than boos.   If that happens it will be a travesty.    Ray Allen is a traitor plain and simple.    He deserves to get booed, have beers poured on his head and his mother should sit in the 300 levels and get heckled the entire game .   But I feel like the fact that the Celtics suck right now is going to take the sting out of the crowd.   It better not.  Don’t forget he accepted less money to go to Miami.  He was willing to come off the bench for the Heat but not for us. He took the easy way out to try and win a cheap title.  He complained that Doc didn’t coddle him enough and make him feel important enough.  All that loyalty he earned with Celtics fans is gone. I understand that maybe it was time for Ray to move on, but not the way he did. Not by spitting in the face of Celtics fans everywhere and signing with the Heat. Like I said automatic boo. Automatic.

PS – The Celtics only catching 3.5 today is so outrageously low it’s got to be a mortal lock winner right?