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Best Moment From College Hoops Yesterday - Ole Miss Bro Taunting Auburn or A Bat Terrorizing Providence




 (This is literally PC’s head coach trying to deal with the bat)


So these were the two biggest viral moments from yesterday’s day in college hoops.  Ole Miss’s Marshall Henderson taunting the Auburn crowd and a bat terrorizing people in the Marquette vs. Providence game.   Despite how great that gif is I can’t look at that image of the Providence head coach wrapped in a towel literally fearing for his life and not laugh out loud.  I don’t know if it’s because whenever I think of PC hoops I think of Manzo but this is just awesome.    It’s the defining moment of Friar basketbal for the past 20 years.  Fear the Bat!


PS –This guy from CBS had a decent breakdown of the all the people in the Auburn gif.  By far my favorite dude besides the old time racist is the kid in the white hat telling Marshall Henderson to come into the crowd and fight.  Ok bro.