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We've Got Another Grown Man Embracing the Human Pup Lifestyle

Human pup

SourceA store manager who ‘never felt like a human’ has embraced his true self and now lives as a ‘human pup’ – even eating his meals from a dog bowl.

Kaz James, 37, admitted he felt ‘weird’ and unable to relate to others, before allowing his pup persona to shine through in his late teens.

The store manager, from Salford, Greater Manchester, now regularly unleashes his personality by barking at friends, carrying items with his teeth and snacking on Bonio dog biscuits. …

‘My whole lifestyle is about being a pup,’ he said.

‘I go about and live my day-to-day life relatively normally. That includes things like putting collars on and at barking at people I know in the street. …

Kaz said: ‘I feel a sense of peace being a human pup. Little things make me happy like eating my dinner out of a bowl using a knife and fork.


‘I don’t eat at people’s tables when I go to friends’ houses. I can be a normal person in a restaurant. I’m trained and can deal with humans, but I don’t like it, it makes me feel uncomfortable.” …

Kaz said he never felt right as a human and it was only when he found like-minded friends in the thriving online pup play community he started being himself. 

He said: ‘I didn’t ever feel like a human, I always felt like a dog that was really out of place.”

“Weird?” Did he say “weird?” Listen, if you think I’m going to sit here and allow anyone to judge Kaz James with your intolerance and lack of Human Pup Acceptance, you’ve got another thing coming.

Why, he’s not even my first Human Pup. That honor goes to Tony Bark, who I wrote about last October. He’s the dog-identifying pioneer who opened me up to this alternative canine lifestyle. And a very good boy. Yes he is. He’s a good boy, aren’t you Tony Bark? Yesssh you are.

And who are we to stand in Human Pup’s way if he’s never felt comfortable with being the most highly developed species on the planet? Or to mock him by pointing out that if people really did identify with being dogs then by definition they wouldn’t be able to meet online? It’s his right as a free mammal to live his best life.

So you be you, Human Pup. Eat from doggie dishes. Wear a leash. Bark at people on the street. Eat biscuits made from ground bones, hooves and entrails. Make friends with other Human Pups by the way their asses smell. Chase cars. Lick yourself. Eat your own feces.  All I want – all any of your human friends should want – is that you feel that inner peace that being human somehow eludes you. Be your own best friend.

In the meantime, I’ll be checking my calendar and moving up that date Western Civilization collapses altogether. We’re not coming back from this.