Dude Perfect Are The Worst People On the Internet


I was so mad when people started tweeting this to me last night. That Johnny Football was in a Dude Perfect video. I knew all the squid blogs would start posting it like squids and eventually I’d have to write a blog about it. I despise Dude Perfect. Cue all the assholes being like “you’re just jealous” or you wish you posted it first blah, blah, blah. Yeah I’m jealous of guys who make trick shot videos. That it. Not like I’m King Kong of the internet or anything. I just fucking hate these guy. I hate trick shot videos. I think they’re dumb, lame and dumb. If you like watching trick shot videos I think you’re dumb, lame and dumb. End of story. If you like Dude Perfect get off my website and never come back. You don’t deserve me.  Go finger yourself watching this on brobible, guyism, busted coverage or any of the million other sites who try to be us but can’t.  I’m sure they loved it.