Stephen Colbert Drops His New Single Inspired By Accidental Racist - "Oopsie Daisy Homophobe"

Whole segment is hilarious, but fast forward to 4 minute mark for his just his song

I never really weighed in on Accidental Racist. I didn’t listen to it until it was too late and everyone had already heard it. Its absolutely the worst song in the history of recorded sound. The only the worse than the song itself is the fact that people thought it was a good idea to make it in the first place. What the fuck was that guy and LL Cool J thinking? Babbling about do-rags and Lynard Skynard and slavery and shit. Just an atrocity. Makes me wanna be an On Purpose Racist and hate anyone of any color that thought this song was a good idea.

Colbert’s version is basically the same level of quality. God hates fags and monkeys and AIDS and all that. Just as thoughtful and impactful as the original.