Old Town Road Is Officially the Number 1 Song In The Country And Lil Nas X Is The Hottest Man On Planet Earth

Congrats to Lil Nas X. What was once a song on a viral meme has turned into the number 1 song in the entire country, officially topping the Billboard hot 100 charts. Fuck country, matter fact fuck a genre, my guy Lil Nas X has the NUMBER 1 SONG IN AMERICA, period.

No one has been hotter than Lil Nas X over the last week. He went from having negative money in his bank account 3 months ago to being so hot in the streets he has people claiming he’s overrated with the likes of Cardi B and Travis Scott. If you told him he’d even be in the same sentence as them about a month ago im sure he would be mind blown. He seems to be taking it in stride though.

He had Billy Ray Cyrus hop on the remix and drop an absolute heater verse that even Good Morning America was fucking with. When Good Morning America is on the wave you know it’s hit the center of mainstream.

He’s got a collab with Young Thug in the works too. Just a couple of ATL legends coming together to make some fire. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing. Thugger teased the his verse on instagram this morning.

And he’s got a song with One Republic coming out?! What a fucking world.

To put the cherry on top of Lil Nas X’s ice cream sundae of a week (and maybe a candle), it’s his fucking birthday!

He is indisputably the hottest guy on the planet right now. Lil Nas X has taken an absolute shit on the stick-in-the-ass billboard douchebags who took him off the country charts. It’s Lil Nas X’s world and we’re all just living in it. I’m really happy for him. He seems like a genuine dude who has just had his life changed forever in a single week. God bless the internet and god bless Old Town Road. I can’t wait to see his next big move.