KFC Radio Episode 37 - Reveal Neil

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Ask and ye shall receive! This is Barstool Sports. By the Common Man, for the Common Man. You ask for something, you get it. And by “ask for something” I mean you stage a full blown mutiny making outrageous demands for a guy you spent an entire year saying you absolutely hate. I’ve never seen so many grown men clamoring to see another man on a webcam. Super creepy and borderline terrifying. But, I’m a man of the people. I give my minions what they want.

Next time do you think we can drum up some attention for a hot chick or something? I swear if you guys channeled all the energy you had commenting for Neil and used your powers for good, we probably could have had fucking Vladimir Putin on the show or something.

Enjoy, Stoolies. You got your wish. #RevealNeil