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I Am A Call Of Duty God And Am Currently Trying Out For The COD: Black Ops 4 World League - The Best Of The Best - LIVE NOW

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Here we go. If you want to be the best, you need to compete with the best. The last time I streamed Call Of Duty do you realize what happened? Oh, nothing much. Just one of the most dominating COD performances in the franchise’s history. Free For All – Smitty vs. Everybody – 30 up – 30 down – Easy Peasy – Japaneasy. Look up the stats and numbers. NOBODY puts out this kind of stamp your dick down on life showing. Even the pros. Yeah, I pitch a tent and a campfire while doing it. So what? “If you want to master in the art of winning, you paint the picture anyway you can.” – Sun Tzu, probably.


The best Call Of Duty player out there while simultaneously being the best worst Fortnite battler in all the lands. So be it.