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Today Marks 25 Years Since The Death Of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the passing of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain who took his own life at age 27. I’m not sure why it strikes me so much, but the thought that in two more years he’ll have been dead for as many years as he lived is deeply sad. Perhaps it’s having grown up a fan, and being in my 30s now feeling like I still have so much ahead of me, and knowing that he was already gone by this point in his own time.

Growing up in the ’90s you couldn’t escape Nirvana, not that you’d want to anyway. They were on MTV & the radio 24/7 with hit after hit, and then came ‘Unplugged’ which blew everyone away, not to mention Cobain & Courtney Love making headlines in their personal lives, but I was young & didn’t look into much beyond the music.

It wasn’t until I read the 2001 biography Heavier Than Heaven (400+ interviews & access to Cobain’s private journals, lyrics and photos) a couple years ago that I had a better understanding of his background & the struggles going on behind the scenes from addiction to mental health. It gave me a deeper respect for Cobain as an artist & a sense that we’ve missed out on so much since he’s gone.

Scroll through this thread for some photos & quotes, because what’s more touching than memorial tweets by a mega American multinational video hosting service:

Kurt is survived by daughter Frances Bean Cobain, 26, and Nirvana lives on through their music & the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame where they were inducted in an an emotional 1994 ceremony.