Stephen A Smith Would Like You To Know He Did NOT Storm The Court Last Night During The Embiid Fight


Ok well now my brain is one gigantic pretzel. I’ve watched that video 10,000 times and there’s just no way that isn’t Stephen A. I know he’s denying it, I know ESPN probably forced him to make a statement like this, but there’s just no way. I mean from the hairline, to even how his head moved when he talked, it’s clear as day. Literally every single person with eyes saw that unfold and immediately recognized him. That has to mean something. There’s also this photo out there that makes me curious as well. The suit is a little darker, but that could have been the dude’s TV in my forensic opinion.

I just don’t understand how that wasn’t him. The more I think about it though there’s only one other scenario that could explain this whole thing. You know how Stephen A is basically on every single ESPN show at all times? The man has one of the craziest work ethics I’ve ever seen and it’s why he’s worth every damn penny of that huge extension. But is it possible that ESPN figured out a way to clone this legend? Is there a chance there are actually two (or more?) Stephen A’s running around? ESPN makes billions of dollars a year or something like that, everyone knows Stephen A brings the ratings, so why wouldn’t they look into some freaky experiments to create a situation where Stephen A could be available at all times. I’m not ready to completely rule that out and maybe this goes all the way to the top.

Now if it in fact really wasn’t Stephen A, well someone should tell him that he has a long lost brother out there or something. I need those two in a room together and let the content magic fly. Either way, I don’t know what to believe so I’m going to choose the path that it actually was Stephen A because that makes the whole situation much more funny.

But I’ll ask you. Do you believe Stephen A here or do we think he’s just trying to do some mandated PR control?