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Asian Woman Files $1 Million Suit Against New Jersey CVS For Calling Her "Ching Chong Lee" – A woman of Korean descent who claims a worker at a CVS in Atlantic County used a phrase mocking Asians to identify her on a store receipt has filed a federal discrimination suit against the pharmacy chain, according to her lawyer. Attorney Susan Lask said her client, Hyun Lee, was picking up photos Feb. 7 at a CVS in Egg Harbor City when Lee noticed an employee had identified her as “Ching Chong Lee” on the ticket. Lee said through her attorney that she complained to CVS customer relations and was allegedly told the worker would be “counseled and trained.” “Store counseling cannot correct intolerable discrimination,” Lask said in a written statement, adding they were demanding the worker be fired. CVS Spokesman Mike DeAngelis said the company does not comment on pending litigation but has a firm non-discrimination policy. “CVS/pharmacy is committed to treating all of our customers with dignity and respect,” he said. The suit, which Lask said was filed April 16 in federal court in Camden, is seeking $1 million. Lask planned to hold a news conference to announce the suit today.

Gimme a break, Asians. Whats your plight? Whats your struggle? When people call you Ching Chong Lee it reminds you guys of what exactly? How smart you are? How you get into all the good schools? Make tons of money as doctors and scientists? Get out of my face. Not like they called some black guy Kunta Kinte or something. Aside from eating cats and dogs, selling bootleg DVDs, and having small dicks, Asians don’t even have any bad stereotypes. Also weird porn habits. And zero respect for personal space or etiquette in public. Alright I guess there are plenty of weird things about them but so fucking what? Not like any of it ever stops them from doing anything. There’s like 2 billion of them on the planet. All geniuses and shit. You can’t be a minority and you can’t complain about discrimination when you literally dominate the planet. So Ching Chong Lee – take your pictures from CVS and go practice your Kung Fu and put your pantyhose on you dog and remember that everyone in your family is probably a genius and probably benefits from checking “asian” on your applications and resume even though there’s a billion of you. You don’t need a million dollars because someone joked about your name, Chun Li.