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"Observing Is Participating": MSU Police Warn Students They Could Be Arrested For No Reason During Final Four Celebrations

From WXYZ Detroit:

Michigan State University and city of East Lansing leaders are asking Spartans fans to celebrate safely this weekend as the Spartans play in the Final Four, reminding students and fans that there will be a large police presence both on and off campus.

According to the university, any student that participates in an unlawful assembly can be subject to university sanctions that include expulsion or suspension.

They are also reminding students that anyone within 300 feet of an open fire and not actively leaving the area can be charged with a misdemeanor.

Observing is participating. Just by going to an unlawful gathering, you can be arrested,” East Lansing Deputy Police Chief Steve Gonzalez said in a release.

According to police, officer will monitor local news reports and social media feeds to identify anyone taking part in destructive behavior.

So you can get arrested for being crime-adjacent? Like being within 300 feet of an open fire can send you to the clink? Look, I have zero knowledge of laws, rules or regulations in the area but in true internet fashion, am declaring this complete bullshit & refuse to be told otherwise even if valid points are made. My advice to the students is bring a 301 foot string with you so you can keep a safe distance from that burning couch.

Overall though, the most ridiculous idea here is that there will be celebrations worthy of chaos at the Michigan State University; We all know Auburn is going to win this thing. And the real party will be wherever Dave & the Barstool Sports gang are hanging out in the incredible, wild city of Minnesota.