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Absolute ANARCHY On The 3 Train In Brooklyn

Woman getting arrested at the 4:40 mark below:

Chaos! Bedlam! Pandemonium! “Stand clear of the Angry Mob, please!” Just watching that video gave me anxiety. I mean Jesus fucking Christ at what point do you realize that the police are gonna make this arrest and just give up before a full blown riot erupts? I have absolutely no context as to why the police were arresting him. No clue if he was in the right or wrong. All I know for sure is that it looks like he was wearing a sling so the fact police were jacking him up even though he was already injured is I guess why people were going crazy. But holy fucking shit I’m surprised those cops didn’t just start shooting people. I would have absolutely shot everyone. That was my nightmare right there. Crammed subway. Mob screaming. Closing in. I think after like 2 minutes I would have just unloaded my gun on everyone.