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Wake Up With Trevor Bauer Leaking Blood All Over The Mound After His Drone Injury

What a bizarre situation this was a few years back. You all know the story, Trevor Bauer slices the pinky finger on his throwing hand a few days before the ALCS. His start was pushed back, he got some stitches, and then he headed out to the mound. He didn't even make it through the first inning before he began dumping buckets of blood on the mound. I mean look at how dark that red is. It got all over his pants, hand, the ball, glove, jersey, it was everywhere. I do love him trying to hide the blood on the blue jersey, just couldn't keep it off the pants.
IDK how you throw a ball 95 mph, or throw a ball at all when your pinky looks like that. If my hand is dripping blood like that there isn't a chance I could throw a ball. I get that Bauer is a bit looney in the head, but this was such an insane move. There was no way those stitches were gonna hold up, especially with a guy pumping it up that high. I'm surprised it took John Gibbons that long to come out too, how do you miss a guy dripping blood like that. Just a weird incident that lead to a weird moment in the game.
Let's see if we can see Tito's reaction to the injury.
Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 11.05.23 PM