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Greg "The Shark" Norman Caught A GIANT Ass Hammerhead Shark

Is there anybody cooler than Greg Norman? I’m asking honestly because I don’t know if its possible. Making millions and millions of dollars from Golf and having your logo and nickname be the coolest apex predator to ever grace the third rock from the Sun is about as good as it gets. Did I mention he’s Australian? Every Australian is naturally cooler than the rest of the world based off their accent and the fact that they’re trapped on an island with a trillion deadly animals. If you can live a normal life amongst Huntsman Spiders, Taipans, and 4 meter Crocodiles, you are just automatically cooler than anyone who hasn’t.

Look at this magnificent bastard.

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 5.32.16 PM

There’s really nothing that you can do to beat a guy like that, just stay out of his way.

So as much as I would like to be surprised that he caught a 1,000 pound T-Head and made it look easy it’s not exactly what you’d call the most unbelievable scenario. It’s actually exactly what you’d expect at this point. The fact that they hooked up on this thing after it ate a Blacktip makes it that much more epic.


Also, shoutout to BlacktipH for putting this together. I’ve talked to Josh on the phone and have been working on planning a video together for a little while so let me tell you I was GREEN with envy when I saw this headline. Its just so PERFECT. You can’t really get a more perfect shot for an internet fishing video than Greg “The Shark” Norman and a 1,000 lb. Hammerhead Shark. BlacktipH knows what the hell he is doing and you don’t get 1 Million subscribers on accident.

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 5.19.04 PM

P.S. I have addressed it on a Radio and Twitter a few times but in case anyone is wondering “where is Outdoors”, it has been done for about 4 weeks now but the release is in a holding pattern waiting on some sponsorship details to be worked out. As extremely anxious as I am to release Episode 1 (who on EARTH would want it out more than me?!), it is also extremely beneficial to try to monetize your work. I hope you can understand and I promise you it will be worth it soon.