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HS Kid Takes An Extra Point Off The Face...AND IT'S GOOD!!!

YouTube - Dell Rapids extra point attempt. Low snap resulted in line drive kick that hit helmet of Milbank player and went over cross bar for a successful extra point. Dell Rapids vs Milbank – High School Football – Dell Rapids, SD

BAM! Right to the kisser and through the uprights. Whatever works. Not that he saw that leather bullet coming his way, anyways. A sophomore on a squad that’s getting murdered 37-0 and is forced to trot out there on the FG block team is zoned out 10000% of the time. Knocked him right back into reality.


How about a little more umph on that call, junior? I don’t care it’s a blow out, you’re not gonna get out of the South Dakota high school ranks without a little gusto in the voice. Guy should be falling asleep listening to Merrill on the headphones.