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Joe Jonas Wants Penn State Bar Champs To Win #BarstoolBestBar More Than Anything

These are not even all the times that Joe Jonas has tweeted about Champs. Nobody wants this bar to win the 5th year #BarstoolBestBar contest more than Joe Jonas does. There has been talks of Twitter collusion all day because their opponent, Michigan State’s Harper’s, made a crazy jump late in the game. It is also not the first time this issue has happened and you can see the full breakdown from Jack Mac here.

Joe got some shit for this tweet at the beginning of the competition because apparently the current Champs did not exist when Joe turned 21.

However, after consulting with Jeff D. Lowe (Penn State alum) we realized that Champs has moved locations (used to be in a more suburban area) and Joe celebrated at THAT location. Now Champs is located in the heart of downtown Penn State. His support still flies.

Not only is he tweeting himself but he got his fiancé SANSA STARK in the voting mix. Using all his resources. “Hey honey can you throw this a retweet I really want this bar to win a Barstool competition!”

Oh and Kevin joined in as well.

We can’t really figure out why Joe is so dedicated to this. Does he just really love the bar? Does he have some collaboration with Champs in the future? He did tweet that “maybe he has something up his sleeve”  if Champs wins….

My only request, Joe, is that if Champs wins and you perform there just let me know first so I can make the trip. Thank you.

There a couple hours left of Overtime if you want to support Champs and Joe Jonas.

Also no big deal but kind of a big deal.