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College Life Coach Goes Viral With Tweet About How Her "College Athlete Boyfriend" Makes Time For Her

Normally I wouldn’t waste my typing breath on one tweet. Except this tweet is going bigggggtime viral. 116k likes, 17k retweets, and some of the funniest replies we’ve seen from Let’s start the essay.

Shaina’s thesis is this: “if someone wants to talk to you, they’ll make time.” It’s the sort of comforting platitude offered to the poor victims of boyfriends/girlfriends that don’t communicate enough. Using an age-old writing device, she invokes a personal example to illustrate her point. For Shaina, the clockwork consistency of her boyfriend’s morning facetime calls are proof—IRREFUTABLE PROOF—that any man, regardless of his schedule, will make time to talk if he cares about you.

Meanwhile, the husband of a Marine waits by the phone. His wife is six months in to her second deployment. She is currently dug in somewhere in Afghanistan. Due to the mountains, there is no radio signal, no way to communicate even to the nearest base. Typically, they write each other letters, but he hasn’t received her latest due to a delay at the male depot. Sometimes they skype, which has been tricky due to the 8.5-hour time difference, among other obstacles. But they maintain. Because their foundation is strong.

Her husband checks twitter and sees Shaina’s tweet. “YOU KNOW WHAT, SHE’S FUCKING RIGHT. I’M DONE WITH THIS SHIT. IF SHE WANTED TO TALK TO ME, SHE’D MAKE TIME!” he doesn’t say, or even come close to saying. Because Shaina is in college. And she knows nothing about anything.

By the way—if you have to set an alarm to FaceTime your girlfriend, that’s an unhealthy relationship. I trained my body to wake up naturally to FT my girl before work. No alarm needed. That’s real commitment. Not sure what happened to these two. Sounds one-sided.

And of course… 8AM and a college athlete? Must be fucking nice. Our lifting and conditioning started at 7AM, which meant be in the locker room by 6:30 latest. But I checked his team’s record and they win a lot more than we did so maybe they’re on to something.

Finally, if you’re the boyfriend, what do you do here? You’re the example used in a viral tweet that everyone is joking about. Maybe a “hey sweetie? Leave me out of it next time?” Seems like they have quite a brand though.

And my favorite…

PS- I looked up the boyfriend (easy to find) and he’s a pretty big dude so, uh, sorry bud. You seem cool.