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Someone Is Going Full Heisenberg And Mailing Ricin Laced Letters To Obama And Other Polticians

Yahoo – A letter addressed to President Obama that field-tested positive for the poison ricin was received at the remote White House mail screening facility Tuesday, according to law enforcement officials. The facility routinely identifies letters or parcels that require secondary screening or scientific testing before delivery. The separate Senate mail-handling facility also Tuesday received a suspicious letter potentially laced with ricin addressed to Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi, postmarked from Memphis. Testing on the first letter, addressed to Republican Wicker, is incomplete but expected to be finished this afternoon. The Secret Service’s White House mail-screening facility is a remote facility, not located near the White House complex, that all White House mail goes through. The Secret Service is working closely with the U.S. Capitol Police and the FBI in this investigation.

I think about this shit all the time with TV shows and movies. Especially big time popular shows with crazy shit going on like Breaking Bad. There was 100% some nutbag out there who saw Walter White making Ricin lasted cigarettes and got the idea to try to send this shit to Obama. There’s also guys out there who are trying to dissolve bodies in barrels of acid. If any Lily of the Valley pops up as a cause of death any time soon you know we’re fucked. I love the show more than anyone but there’s never been better material or motivation for dumb ass meth head wanna-be criminals than Breaking Bad. Like as far as I’m concerned when Vince Gilligan is done with writing this show he should just go be a criminal. Or like a criminal consultant. Teach you how to get away with shit. Thank god the series will be over before people start squashing their heads underneath ATMs.

PS – I swear it wasn’t me