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3 Dudes Deported From Saudi Arabia For Being Too Good Looking

NY PostThree men were booted out of Saudi Arabia because they were deemed “too handsome” by religious authorities who worried that women would become attracted to them. Sitting in the stands as delegates from the United Arab Emirates at the Jenadrivah Heritage & Cultural Festival in Riyad on Sunday, nothing seemed to be wrong with the men in question but that didn’t stop the mutaween, Saudi Arabia’s religious police, from charging in and hauling the men away, according to Arabic language newspaper Elaph. “A festival official said the three Emiratis were taken out on the grounds they are too handsome and that the Commission members feared female visitors could fall for them,” the newspaper reported.  After being dragged out of the event by the Saudi authorities, the three men were subsequently deported back to the UAE. Saudi Arabia is an extremely conservative Sunni Muslim country and it prohibits women from interacting with men who aren’t their relatives.

How good looking do you think you need to be to be considered “too handsome” in Saudi Arabia? I’d say if you’re a solid 4 over there you’re probably the sexiest looking guy in the country. Right? Like you got a nice long beard with Just For Men Touch of Grey. Top notch turban. Maybe you don’t smell completely atrocious. And thats all you need basically. Bitches start flocking. Shedding their burkas left and right.

Which is why the Saudis were probably so pissed at these United Arab Emerites guys. I feel like the dudes from the Emirates are like those baller Sultans you hear about who basically are just billionaire Western guys with really good tans. They walk in wearing jeans with short hair and no beard and shit and bitches probably started squirting just at the sight of them. Straight up panties become an ocean. No choice but to just deport those fuckers. You can’t compete with that that when you roll in on a camel in a robe.