I basically sat on the Islanders bench last night. Just one step closer to becoming an actual member of the team. I’m not sure why they can’t just give me an earpiece and let me stand there in a suit as an assistant coach. Thats basically what I am as it is. Last night was a huge moment for the Isles for 2 reasons. First, the obvious – won their last regular season home game of the year, the Rangers lose to the Flyers. Put a little distance between themselves and the Rangers, and Ottawa is within striking distance. The WE WANT PLAYOFFS demands from Isles fans becoming more and more of a reality.

Secondly, and more importantly, they overcame any signs of the KFC Jinx. I was in the building for the Rangers game Saturday night that ended in an overtime loss. It was an awesome game and they still earned a point so I was on the fence about whether my good luck ran out. Well last night just solidified the KFC Hockey Non Jinx. 5-2 destruction of the Panthers, Rags lose a pathetic game to the Flyers, and the motherfuckin bandwagon ROLLS ON.

PS – I know over the years I’ve given Hockey Hipsters a hard time. And I definitely still think you guys are assholes. But I gotta give credit where credit is due – this NHL playoff push from the Islanders has been one of the funnest things I’ve done as a fan. Obviously I still don’t know shit about hockey but watching the Isles turn this whole thing around has been more entertaining than anything I’ve watched in a while. I got hooked up with tickets for the Rangers game but I went home and bought my own tickets for last night’s game. Despite the fact that the Nassau Coliseum is hands down the worst arena on the planet earth and like an hour and a half away its absolutely worth it.