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Barstool's Lawyer Raised A Concern About #SmittysArmy - TIME TO UNITE THE CLANS

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Today we released video of General Smitty commanding, crushing, and conquering all enemies who dared to step foot on the battlefield of life. #SmittysArmy performed valiantly, per usual, and led me to a 1st place finish:

After the video was released, I received an email from in house lawyer inquired about content with minors*. A legal question was asked about filming, but little did he know there is no age requirement for glory. Never has been. Never will be. UNITE THE CLANS!

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 7.52.53 PM

*Seriously though it was a standard question he had about filming and I’m just joking around. Old CBS trick. Everything we do here is legal and all in good fun. Just check the future court transcripts…