Watch This Priest Drain An Absolutely Pure Jumper Before Delivering A COCKY Pose On The Recess Yard

Video from nixonico on Reddit

I’d like to see Steph Curry step out in this outfit and pressure and have a jumper this pure. I’m not even exaggerating, this might be the best shooter I’ve ever seen. I mean you have a bunch of teens egging you on. You can’t miss. You can’t put up a brick. They’ll never let it down. They’ll only make fun of you and post it all over the Internet with some mean comment.

But this Father steps up and just drains it. Not only that. He has the COCKIEST walk off after a made jumper. I mean we’ve seen the Warriors do this and celebrate the moment the ball leaves Steph’s hand. This is even cockier than that.

I’m not even joking though. This is a pure looking jumper. Good follow through. Correct balance. Living that BEEF life. My only complaint is he 100% walks and should just shoot coming off the curl screen and not take a dribble.

I do want to know where this took place. That’s one question I have here. I need to know how intimidating these teens are. What I do know though is this is by far the coolest priest in America (?) right now.