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And Here Is A Voicemail Manti Te'o's Fake Girlfriend Who Died But Was Really A Dude Left Him....Kind of Does Sound Like A Chick


So Katie Couric obtained a couple voicemails that Tuiasasupoo left for Te’o.    I’ll give that gay bastard credit.  Dude sounds like a chick.   She totally could have catfished me into some phone sex. Unless this is a fake voicemail which it probably is.  Aww who gives a shits.  It’s gone.

Katie Couric’s site has all the messages, but it keeps going down so I logo’ed em and hosted it here.  (Wink, wink)

PS – Real talk.  Who the fuck keeps useless voicemails this long unless you know you’ll need them later to prove you’re not a gayball involved in an elaborate hoax?