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Barstool At The Ballpark This Saturday - Unlimited Beer All Game Long

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BATBP Szn is upon us. Once a month this season, we all are gonna head out to Citi for baseball and beer, the literal two best things on the planet earth. Tickets for this Saturday are $95 and that includes a seat at the Bud Light Party Deck, one free meal (either a hot dog or cheeseburger), and unlimited beer (Bud products, meaning Bud Light, Budweiser, and Stella) starting 1 hour prior to first pitch and running through the alcohol cut off. Its gonna be almost 70 degrees on Saturday, by then the Mets will be 6-1, and we’ll be beating up on the lifeless Nationals after Bryce Harper ruined their franchise. I’ll be there, Rocket will be there, I believe Coley Mick and maybe a few others from the office will attend too. So grab a few tickets, come out with a few friends, hang with Barstool for the day while you drink unlimited beer and watch the Mets dominate in early April like they always do. BATBP is honestly one of, if not the, best event we do. The perfect day, perfect event, perfect deal. You’re crazy to not get involved.