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Flyers Go With 2012 Winter Classic Jerseys for Thirds, Still Send Out The Smoke Patrol


The Flyers have been cock teasing us all summer long with this third jersey. Personally, I would have enjoyed going back to black since it doesn’t get much more bad ass than that. But all things considered, going with the 2012 Winter Classic was a much safer bet. Those jerseys are flames on top of flames. Anyone who says differently is a liar and a cheat. You don’t want to associate with those types of individuals. As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. These jerseys are hot fire and they’ll be wearing them for 12 games this year. What does that mean, you ask? An automatic 12 wins for the boys.

P.S. – Maybe some sort of addition to the shoulders would be nice but maybe I’m just nitpicking.

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