Florida Couple Say Vows On Bed Of Pickup Truck During Beautiful Wedding At "Redneck Mud Park"


A wedding that should’ve been saved for Rough N’ Rowdy:

SOURCE-Who says there’s no such thing as an affordable dream wedding?

A bride and groom in Florida recently exchanged vows on the back of a pickup truck wearing only a swimsuit and a pair of overalls – respectively – during their marriage ceremony last month.

Beautiful. In a world full of weddings that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, this couple put on a bikini and jean overall’s and called it a day.

Beautiful. From the wife to the ordained minister. The perfect amount of tattoos and denim. All that was missing was a dip in the grooms mouth. Hell, he probably proposed with this:


This all happened at Redneck Mud Park, which is a place that 100% exists in Florida:

We have to have a Rough N Rowdy at this place within the next year. Just have everyone fight in the mud. Would be electric.

Of course, knowing that they were in Redneck Mud Park, and they were having the ultimate Redneck Wedding, they dove into the mud once they said their vows:



A lot of people will probably make fun of this wedding, that’s a given. However, I will say that it looks about 100x more fun than a wedding at a fancy NYC ballroom, which you were invited to on the basis that you followed the 87 rules the bride set, one of which is you can’t chew your food too loud or you will be kicked out. Also, you’d get to say you went to a wedding at a Redneck Mud Park. That’s a memory I want to die with.

God bless this couple. May they live a great life together.

P.s. I love the little poof (I don’t know what to call it) on the back of the brides bikini: