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Hate To See Tennessee Hoops Have To Rebuild Next Year After A Dream Season Which Resulted In Zero Banners, Titles Or Anything Really

First off, shout out Jordan Bone. Go get paid. Good for that. But, poor, poor Tennessee. I mean I want to feel bad for them, but, you know, it’s Tennessee. So therefore you just hate, HATE, to see a rebuild after a dream season which resulted in a 2nd place SEC regular season finish, not winning the SEC Tournament and losing in the Sweet 16.

And I know. 2-1 vs Kentucky. Congrats on hanging that banner.

But, where does Tennessee go from here? You are for sure losing Jordan Bone, Kyle Alexander and Admiral Schofield. You are very likely losing Grant Williams. That leaves Jordan Bowden, Lamonte Turner, Yves Pons and John Fulkerson back from the rotation. Decent players, but, uh this is a program that was getting ready to make a run I was told.

Sure, a decent recruiting class is coming in led by 5-star Josiah-Jordan James. But, you’re talking about the SEC here. Is this team really going to compete with Kentucky, Florida, Auburn, etc? Not next year. You can tell me about two years ago when Tennessee was picked to finish 13th or 14th in the SEC and finished up top. That was with this group. That was with Admiral and Grant Williams. They aren’t here.

I hope Tennessee is good. I need that fanbase to be passionate and try to yell at me about Kentucky vs Tennessee. They are a fun group. Granted, they don’t really know success, it’s still a fun group (minus the physical harm and light death threats).

Just a shame. That dream season. Now this. At least you have football, baseball, women’s hoops. Ah, you know what. Just sing Rocky Top.