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New York Stands With Boston

This is not something that needs to be said. At least not for normal people and respectable New Yorkers and Americans. But every now and then throughout yesterday and last night I’d see some jackass commenting on a blog or updating social media acting like this is still something that falls under a Boston-New York rivalry. Or spewing out political garbage while trying to compare terrorist attacks like its a competition. And if there’s people unreasonable enough out there to be saying stupid, insensitive stuff like that, there’s more unreasonable people out there that might think that represents all of New York City.

So as whatever sort of quasi-representative of New York I may be, I just want to reiterate that New York stands behind Boston in the wake of all this. In the world of sports and more trivial matters the rivalry between the two cities runs as deep as possible. When you’re watching a game or arguing about the other team, they feel like the enemy. You throw around words like hate and I’m sure in extreme moments you say some real hurtful things you don’t really mean. I can promise you watching the Patriots every Sunday I’m in that boat. But that all goes out the window when real life or death tragedy strikes. After that, we’re all Americans. Again, I feel silly having to even say this. Because most people already know it. But in this day and age of social media when every idiot in the world has a platform to voice stupid and hateful stuff at inappropriate times, I just want to rep New York the right way. We are all Boston until the wounds from yesterday heal. And in some weird way these moments make you understand Boston and New York are more alike than you ever realized. They’re your worthy adversary when it comes to sports and city pride. There’s a reason why Boston is a fraction of the size and still compared to NYC. They got heart and they got spirit. They deserve better than some act of cowardice like yesterday.