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Can't Believe The GoFundMe For Buzz Williams That Raised A Whopping $545 Didn't Keep Him At Virginia Tech

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So I blogged about this GoFundMe yesterday because it’s absolutely hilarious. I think it’s such a dumb thing to do especially when you’re talking about coaches. Now, it’s hilarious but dumb. You can sit here and say you’re raising money for Virginia Tech if he leaves, but let’s be honest. It’s a goddamn college. They don’t need money.

I don’t know what I can’t believe more though. Whether this GoFundMe raised $545 or that it didn’t actually keep Buzz Williams at Virginia Tech. Oh, mind you $275 of the $545 came from the guy who started it and someone else in his family. I mean I can appreciate the dedication to Virginia Tech, I just can’t believe Buzz doesn’t.

The move to Texas A&M is maybe a slight step up than Virginia Tech, but fairly lateral. It’s just further proving that Buzz might have the weirdest career path in college hoops. I mean the move from Marquette to Virginia Tech to Texas A&M. And with how good he is you’d assume he would have taken a major step up with one of the coaching moves. Now, I get that he’s from Texas and has ties to Texas A&M, but his overall career path is still bizarre.

Now, the Virginia Tech search will be an interesting one. Names have already popped up including Wojo and Mick Cronin. In fact someone has already started tracking a flight pattern:

Wonder if Marquette will start a GoFundMe to keep a coach from leaving for Virginia Tech again.