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Ramon Laureano's Arm Is Unfair

Jared will have his full blog up soon about the entire game and Chris Sale’s velocity concerns and why the Red Sox not being able to score runs is actually good. I don’t care about any of that. I just care about Ramon Laureano and how he keeps making absurd throws seemingly on a nightly basis. It probably feels that way to you too because he did this shit literally yesterday.

And maybe you recall this pea from last season.

This guy’s arm gives off incredible Vlad Guerrero/Jose Guillen vibes. I’d be more pumped if he stopped throwing out my most handsome son Xander every two seconds, but there’s nothing I can do but tip my cap. Guy just has a fucking hose and can’t stop swinging it around every chance he gets.

What I wont tip my cap towards is this ballpark the Athletics play in. Bro, what the fuck was that shit? Xander hits this ball two inches to the left and this is a tie ballgame. Instead whichever MC Escher wannabe who designed this monstrosity decided the wall shouldn’t be the same size all around the field, but instead it should magically spring up 20 additional feet for no discernible reason. Only an asshole would defend playing in a park with preposterous dimensions and fence heights in the outfield. Abner Doubleday is turning in his grave watching this travesty unfold.