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Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day - Allie

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Introducing Ally from Umass Lowell.  Got to love the Puck Bunny outfit.    The days and minutes are counting down till the Blackout Tour revs back into action.    Our friends at Buses 2 now have buses for all people needing rides from Umass to Springfield and from Westfield State to Springfield.   Don’t worry about cabs, driving etc.  Let them do the work for you.

Buses from Umass to Springfield

Buses from Westfield State to Springfield

(Also I believe there will be buses from Boston to DCU as well since that’s as close as we get to Boston schools.  If you are in a frat or go to a Boston school and want to put together a bus let us know and we’ll pass it along.  Or be smart and split a hotel room.)

Lupos – Wed Feb 6th – Tickets on Sale Now

Toads BLACKOUT – Feb 7th  SOLD OUT

Springfield FOAM – Feb 8th (Tickets on Sale Now)

Philly FOAM – Feb 9th (Tickets on Sale Now)

Towson BLACKOUT – Feb 13th – Tickets On Sale Now 

Washington DC BLACKOUT – Fur Nightclub – 2/14 – BUY TICKETS 


Baltimore FOAM – Feb 16th SOLD OUT

Worcester FOAM – Feb 22nd (Tickets on Sale) 

Irving Plaza BLACKOUT Feb 23  SOLD OUT

Panama City BeachMARCH 11

Panama City BeachMARCH 18