Hell Hath No Fury: Dom Brown Got Put ON NOTICE By His Baby Mama On Instagram




WOW. An evisceration like no other. That .237 BA and 10 homers from a supposed superstar in the making is the least of his worries. Or maybe that’s why he’s a no-talent bum other than for 3 weeks in early 2013. All of his efforts have been dedicated to another wood.

Did you know there were actually times the Phillies could have given up Brown for Roy Halladay (in 2009), Jose Bautista or Giancarlo Stanton? I’d be happy if they could trade him for Desi Relaford and two buckets of warm piss at this point. Thanks Rubes!

PS – Creating a brand new account solely to perform a public lashing on Instagram is a straight PSYCHO move. Not to mention the clapping emoticons. Never stick your dick in crazy, kids.