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Ho Hum, Russell Westbrook Is Just Out Here Dishing 10 Assists In The First Quarter

Los Angeles Lakers v Oklahoma City Thunder

We’ve seen a lot of cool things happen in the first quarter so far this season, you may remember the time that James Harden went nuts for a little 27 points in 12 minutes

Well tonight we have something that may not be as ridiculous, but for me pretty damn impressive. Russell Westbrook finished the first quarter tonight with 0-6-10 and honestly I can’t really remember seeing someone tally 10 assists to start a game. By my quick research I could find just 6 other players that have ever notched 10+ assists in 12 or fewer minutes in NBA history, so it’s not exactly something you see everyday (Basketball reference tells me Jerry West once had 14 assists in 5 minutes and I’m not sure my brain comprehends that)

I know people give Westbrook shit for assist hunting and all that nonsense and that never makes sense to me. We used to get that same shit with Rondo when he had his assist streak. Imagine giving a player shit for getting his teammates buckets. Makes no sense. Anyway, he’s 14 assists away from averaging a triple double for the third straight season, and now all that’s left is to go for Scott Skiles’ record of assists in a game (30). Oh, and not be 1-11 from the field and currently losing to the Lakers in a game the Thunder CANNOT drop, but it was still cool to see a little NBA history to start.