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The NCAA Is Investigating Itself For Lying, Cheating, And Overall Scumbag Behavior

NCAA.org  – The NCAA national office has uncovered an issue of improper conduct within its enforcement program that occurred during the University of Miami investigation. Former NCAA enforcement staff members worked with the criminal defense attorney for Nevin Shapiro to improperly obtain information for the purposes of the NCAA investigation through a bankruptcy proceeding that did not involve the NCAA. As it does not have subpoena power, the NCAA does not have the authority to compel testimony through procedures outside of its enforcement program. Through bankruptcy proceedings, enforcement staff gained information for the investigation that would not have been accessible otherwise.

Can we have real talk for a minute. Why does the NCAA get away with having a .org email address? Isn’t .org’s for charity organizations and shit? The NCAA is the most money hungry, greedy, hypocritical company in the world. They are no different than any bank on Wall Street except a bank is straight forward about trying to make money. The NCAA hides behind some guise that they are all about protecting student athletes and shit. No you’re not. You exploit them for your personal gain. It’s the biggest scam going. Every decision they make is to maintain their absolute power, control and monopoly on college sports. And as this article proves they will break any law or rule to do it. Oh you’re going to investigate yourself? How big of you. Well let me ask you this. Who is investigating your guy who is investigating yourself? That’s what I want to know. What a joke.