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Artie Lange Sums Up Yankees Fans Feelings After Seeing Arod Tanning In Miami With His Injury

Just imagine you’re a forklift operator who makes $35,000 a year and you’ve got an enormously fat son that you like taking to Yankee games and you gotta buy 4 hot dogs for him. And you realize you gotta pay $18 a hot dog because Arod makes $32 million a year

He should stay 1 night a week at an apartment in the South Bronx where maybe the plumbing doesn’t work so well, and all the girls look like me with with a mustache and a belly shirt. And go to the local bodega and maybe get raped or something like that

That about sums up Yankees fans in a nutshell these days when it comes to this guy. I mean listen – obviously you can’t be in the gym or at the doctor rehabbing 24 hours a day. And he shouldn’t have to hide indoors for the duration of this injury looking like he’s in agony. But at the same time he’s Alex Rodriguez. He’s one of the most hated Yankees ever. He’s a cheater. Been caught multiple times. Never clutch, always a dick. So when you’re out in the sun in Miami catching some rays collecting $30 mil while the Yankees are battling to stay afloat waiting for reinforcements to return, people are gonna hate your guts.

I’d have to imagine at this point he just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. I know I probably would have stopped caring a long time ago after the 2009 World Series only earned me like a 6 month grace period before people went back to calling me not clutch. But if he does, in fact, still care what the fans think and he’s ever confused about why they hate him and his trannie fetish, he doesn’t have to look any further than these photos right here. Its probably unrealistic to expect the guy to never have an ounce of enjoyment in his life while he rehabs an injury, but I promise you there won’t be any photos of Jeter doing this.

PS – That TMZ cameraman might be the biggest tool in the fucking world.