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So Tiger Woods Is Nailing Lindsey Vonn Now?


DM – Three years ago he hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons as a string of affairs were revealed, but it appears that disgraced golf star Tiger Woods may have been tamed by new love, champion skier Lindsey Vonn. The pair apparently began seeing each other in November last year, and the shamed golfer is pulling out all the stops to ensure this relationship goes the distance, unlike his marriage. Tiger, 38, appears to have learnt from his mistakes and is making every effort to go the distance with his new love: ‘He wants to marry again and thinks Lindsey could be the woman,’ a source close to the golfer revealed to Star magazine. The blonde beauty was reportedly wary of getting involved with the golfing star because of his past, but it appears that Tiger has pulled out all the stops to prove he has learnt from his mistakes. The golfing star recently whisked 28-year-old Lindsey away to Antigua for a romantic break, and earlier this month he stopped off on his way to The Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship to visit her in Austria, where she was competing in a World Cup Ski event.

First of all I don’t believe this story for a second. One second Tiger is trying to buy back Elin for 300 million and now he’s getting ready to wifey Lindsey Vonn. No chance. It just doesn’t feel right to me in my plums. But let me say this. If this is true than Lindsey Vonn is 100% certified batshit crazy. Like you go from chasing that virgin Tim Tebow to dating the King of Whores Tiger Woods? You can’t teach that type of insanity. Kind of makes me hard actually. I dig crazy.

As a sidenote this is kind of a great question for all the chick Stoolies. Would you marry Tiger Woods knowing he’s going to fuck every bitch that moves, but you get to live like a queen? And you couldn’t cheat either. You had to be faithful while he just ran train on hookers and shit? Tough call right?