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Conor McGregor's Best Friend Got Smacked In The Face Again, Hide The Dollies

Uh oh.

Tha GOAT Artem Lobov (former UFC Featherweight/Conor McGregor’s best friend) got smacked in the face today by former McGregor sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi during a media day for their upcoming Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship bouts, leading to the two being restrained by a couple of our Rough N Rowdy trainers at Mendez Boxing Club, and all I’ve got to say is – hide your dollies. The last time Artem Lobov was smacked in the face in New York, McGregor flew across the Atlantic to wreak havoc for the man who did it – Khabib Nurmagomedov – kickstarting the biggest rivalry mixed martial arts has ever seen, so uhh…don’t expect him to take too kindly to this one either.

I’m so sick of this dumb Malignaggi/Notorious beef. It hasn’t been remotely interesting in two years. I wish they’d all knock it off.