From Dead Last To Home Ice, The Blues Have Teabagged Their Way Into The Playoffs

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(Cue the Blues Bob Saget dance)

On January 3rd, if you told someone the playoffs might START at Enterprise Arena you might think there was a natural disaster in Nashville and the Blues were kind enough to let the Preds use their rink as refugees. The charts are preposterous.

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I mean we’re legitimately looking at home ice with a few good bounces here in the last 3 games. There also is a world where the Blues get 4-6 points in the last week and WIN THE CENTRAL DIVISION.

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The absurdity of the situation is tough to comprehend. Its not that crazy for struggling teams to turn it around, but turning it around halfway through the season and becoming one of the best teams in the league and SUSTAINING it is another thing. Being backstopped by Jordan Binnington has proven to work wonders for the team but they’ve also gotten so much better overall that it seems like it might just have been a case of a team finding figuring it out and then becoming who we thought they were the whole time. This results being produced by this team would not have been surprising before the season, but after the early struggles, it seems as if the hype had just been a mistake or media creation.


Think about how long ago Mike Yeo’s firing seems!

I can’t even believe this is the same season! Its easy to forget how much an 82 game season is an absolute marathon. Some teams wish it was a lot shorter…

The first round opponents for the Blues likely being the Predators or Jets is an interesting thing to dissect. Any time you are potentially playing a team 12 TIMES in one season as this format allows, there is really no telling what can happen. The Blues have won 4 out of the 5 games with Nashville this season which seems like a good indicator they can handle them. Beating a team 8 times in a season is a tough task for anyone, and when you take into account the ability for the Predators to learn the Blues tendencies or weaknesses and exploit them, the result becomes even more unsure. Yes the Blues can theoretically do the same thing, but the ability to improve on a 4-1 record isn’t as opportune as it is the other way around. Unfortunately the two potential wild card matchups, should they get home ice, are also Central Division opponents.


At this point I just need the playoffs to start. The opponent will be whoever it is, I don’t care, but these past few weeks just feel like an anxious wait until the real progress can happen. As a Blues fan, the regular season holds nothing but worthless accolades and false promises so I think I speak for all of us when I say we will be relieved when when Lord Stanley is officially on the line.