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Giannis Continues To Win At Life, Gives A Fan The Jacket Off His Damn Back

I’ll tell you what, for someone right in the thick of an MVP race and the biggest postseason of his career, Giannis sure seems to have his head on straight. I feel like when you’re battling for MVP like Giannis is, maybe if this was done by someone else it would be seen as pandering or something like that. People would want to shit all over the act as a way to help secure MVP votes. It’s stupid, but you know it happens. With Giannis though, you know it’s 10000% genuine and that’s what makes stuff like this so awesome. Like just last week when he accepted that artwork from a young fan


it’s pretty clear that Giannis gets it. There is no ulterior motive, he’s not just doing stuff like this because he’s on camera, that’s just the type of person he is and it’s awesome to see in today’s world where so much is negative. You think that jacket means anything to Giannis? Of course not, but that fan will probably remember this moment for the rest of his life and that’s pretty cool. There’s no doubt in my mind he was being serious about being down to give him the pants too. Giannis is a man of the people through and through.

Given that he’s the future face of the NBA I’m sure the league loves to see stuff like this too, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that not only does this man actually have a caring heart, but he’s actually pretty ridiculous on the basketball court

It’s hard to do, but I’m pretty sure Giannis and Dirk are the only universally loved players left in the league. If you hate on either or those dudes you’re just a salty asshole, because not only are they some of the best to ever do it, but they know they can make an impact that’s bigger than basketball. Very cool to see.