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Welcome To Twerk Tuesdays

I know what you’re thinking, “Pat this isn’t your brand! Stay in your lane, gay boy!” To that I say jokes on you because asses are very much in my lane. It doesn’t matter if it’s male ass, a female ass, or a something-in-between-ass. If you’ve got a booty, I can both appreciate it and objectively objectify it.

I first got the idea for Twerk Tuesday when Jess Welcome To The Jungle Jessina rode some guy’s face in the streets of Youngstown Ohio.

It stayed in my head for about twenty seconds before I forcibly drank it away. It wasn’t until this weekend when I was thousand yard staring across the bar at meaty gogo dancers exposed cheeks that I was reminded of that moment. Why does that matter for you? Because without that gogo dancer, Twerk Tuesdays wouldn’t exist. So without further adieu, welcome to Twerk Tuesday. One girl a week, everybody knows the rules.