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Reader Email - Does This Treadmill Workout Get This St. Michael's Kid Laid?

Reader Email

Saw this guy running on the treadmill for ten minutes carrying this weighted barbell. This is typical Saint Michael’s College weight room actions. Does this get this guy laid?


Huge Stoolie!

Ronny DiMasi

Viva La Stool!

First of all nothing from St. Michael’s College could ever surprise me. Not after seeing intern Musky in action who was from there. By far one of the weirdest birds ever to walk through Barstool HQ’s. I mean the kid stabbed my air conditioner with a scissors for god sakes. Anyway back to the question. Does this move get this kid laid? I’m going to have to say no. I mean look at his form. He looks like he is struggling big time with this shit. Like there is no way this isn’t causing some major damage to his internal organs.  Just not impressive looking in the least. Rule #1 of being a hardo. Look good doing it.