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Introducing the Barstool Sports iPhone App

Literally the first thing I ever did when I got the job to start expanding the Barstool empire into New York City was try to create an iPhone app. It took me almost 4 years before finally convincing Pres and our tech guy to do it. But its finally here. Fully functioning mobile app that lets you view the Superpage, each individual city or site on the Barstool network, and all the Wake Up, GTA, and Smokeshow galleries. Complete with the comment section login and the ability to tweet or share blogs. Everything you need. Best part is, its free. I know, right? Upset City! Out of all the things we try to make a buck off of, we didn’t want to fuck around with this one. Give all the Stoolies blocked at work or constantly on the go the ability to actually browse the Stool on their iPhones. Available for download right now on iTunes. Or just search for “Barstool Sports” in the App Store on your phone.