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This Field Hockey Shootout Goal Is The Nastiest Dangle You'll See All Year

You probably never heard the name “Lee Nam-yong” before today. But now you know that he is the owner of some of the sauciest mitts the world has ever seen.

Marinara. Barbecue. Buffalo. Apple. Hollandaise. You name the sauce, Lee Nam-yong is bringing it with this move right here. And the balls it takes to pull off a move like this. Apparently this shootout was for the 2019 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Final. Now I have no idea what the shit the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is but I’m assuming it’s a pretty big deal for field hockey. I have to imagine this was probably the biggest game of the year for this Sauce Boss. And with the game on the line he pulls that move out of his bag? What a fucking animal. Buddy has a couple of grapefruits between his legs.

The only man in the world who could potentially have some filthier paws than Lee Nam-yong would be Linus Omark. An absolute assassin.