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Scottish Woman Is Basically Part of The X-Men: Has Never Felt Pain, Anxiety or Fear In Her Life Because of a Mutation

NY Post

An elderly woman in Scotland has lived an almost pain-free life thanks to a gene mutation that’s given her superhero-like powers — including enhanced wound healing, a new study revealed.

Jo Cameron, 71, sought treatment six years ago for a hip problem, which doctors determined was severely arthritic and needed to be replaced, The Independent reported.

Typically, the pain would be unbearable — but Cameron pulled through two painless surgeries, according to the report. So her doctors decided to dig deeper.

 In a study published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia this week, researchers concluded that Cameron also experiences very little anxiety and fear, and may also have enhanced wound healing — all because of the gene mutation, Medical XPress reported.

Alright so X-Men are real. I mean this proves it right? Jo Cameron is a mutant who doesn’t feel pain. She had hip surgery a few years ago and doctors discovered that she just doesn’t feel anything because she didn’t need painkillers post surgery. She doesn’t even feel anxiety or fear. She’s actually just not a human being right? Imagine living life without pain, anxiety, or fear? Well I guess Bob Marley basically did that, but he had some assistance. Jo Cameron has just wondered to herself her whole life why people complain of headaches, sore throats, allergies, a stubbed toe, a cramp she just has never experienced any of that.


I’m not a genetics wizard or a scientist for that matter, but we need to take Jo Cameron’s blood and DNA and clone it right? That’s how humans advance to the next level of physical perfection. That’s how we create the Avengers. Old rich people had it wrong the whole time. It’s not the young blood that will make them live forever, it’s 71 year old Jo Cameron’s.

Now let me ask you this. Would you want to live a whole life without pain, fear, anxiety, or any real human feelings? She’s basically a robot. The answer is of course you would. I literally just banged by elbow on the table and screamed “Fuck!” Jo Cameron would just call me a pussy. You also can’t get hungover if you have Jo Cameron’s genes. Now I do wonder if you can get drunk. Would you live a pain free life with no anxiety if you couldn’t get drunk or high? Is it worth it? I wonder what things have happened to Jo that would normally cause a person to cry out in agony, but to Jo she just shrugs them off. Imagine her in the movie SAW and just getting stabbed by needles and getting fingers chopped off and she doesn’t flinch. Jo Cameron is JIGSAW’s worst nightmare.

Bottom line, we need to clone her DNA and create a brand new army of humans. I feel like Belichick has already flown to Scotland to steal some blood and DNA for his players. I can also envision a scenario where we think this is a genius plan and then it backfires creating an “I Am Legend” situation. This either goes one of two ways, but I’m pumped to find out.