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Tiger Woods Is Such A Smooth Mother Fucker (On The Golf Course)

On the golf course is very key. Put Tiger Woods on a golf course and he’s a smoooooooooooooooooth operator as you witnessed above. Walking around flipping golf balls into a bag and looking like the coolest man to ever walk the planet. However, take Tiger Woods away from the golf course and it’s different story entirely. He loses his mind and gets in all sorts of unnecessary trouble. He dresses weird and crashes his SUV into fire hydrants and gets arrested for DUI and has a bad hairline and sleeps with dozens of porn stars and it’s just bad news when he’s not standing on a golf course. Frankie Borrelli has a theory that Tiger simply doesn’t know what to do when there isn’t grass underneath his feet and I believe that he’s right. He loses all sense of what it is to be cool or smooth but put him on a golf course and he’s the coolest dude ever. It’s a place he’s spent the majority of his life and had the majority of his success.