Mason Ramsey Is So Wholesome Let's Hope He Doesn't Go Down The Dark Twisted Spiral Like Other Child Stars

What a wholesome video. I don’t even have a hot take, it’s just a nice, wholesome video. Shout out to the guy who made it, Duncan. That’s how people should interact with celebrities. Filming was fine, but he didn’t harass Mason, didn’t make him into a joke, didn’t ask him what Saturdays are for. Just wished him good luck as his show and let him continue on being a kid on his scooter. Perfect.

And Mason, what a fucking icon is right. Dude is just at home scooting around, but he is still wearing his cowboy chaps and hat.


Just the happiest kid in the world.

Let’s hope he doesn’t fall down the dark spiral of death every other kid star in the world has gone down. Need Mason to live as normal of a life as possible. I am so scared in 5-10 years we will start hearing about Mason free basing meth in a 7-11 bathroom and we’ll look back on this blog and be sad. From scooting around in a cowboy hat to shooting up in a truck stop in Alabama before playing a county fair for 200 people, let’s hope Mason is protected like he holds the nuclear codes.