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I Can't Believe We Still Have To Work On April Fools Day

Clown at office

I don’t think people realize how difficult life is as a blogger sometimes. I mean we’re pretty much never allowed to complain about anything without the folks out there with more “traditional” jobs telling us to shut the h*ck up about it. You try talking about the Sunday Scaries one time as a blogger and you’ll have an entire army of insurance agents out there telling you that you don’t know shit about the Sunday Scaries because all you do is sit on your ass and watch TV all day for a living. Which isn’t entirely untrue. But still. You try having a job where you’re not allowed to ever complain because everybody else thinks that your job is so easy.

I’m not out here trying to throw a pity party for bloggers or anything. But I do think it’s a little messed up that on the one day a year that celebrates what we do–say a bunch of moronic things on the internet–we still have to work.

How come everybody gets off for Christmas? How come everybody gets off for Thanksgiving? How come people get off for the 4th of July? Don’t get me wrong. I realize that July 4th is an important day in regards to American history. But tell me what is more American than having a bunch of social media accounts for brands and/or professional sports teams making terrible jokes online. I’ll stop waiting for an answer because there is not a single one.

Here we are in the year 2019. I thought we were supposed to be all inclusive and shit like that. I thought we were supposed to be respecting everybody’s cultures and religions and lifestyles. But apparently when that lifestyle is telling jokes on the internet, everybody just makes a mockery out of your holiday instead. Just doesn’t seem right to me.

P.S. – I actually hate April Fools right now because it ruined this scoop for me.


Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 12.14.01 PM

I mean here I am breaking the news that a third of the teams in the MLL are folding today but nobody believed me because they thought it was an April Fools joke. We’re 2 months away from the start of the MLL season and the news just came out that a third of the league won’t be operating this year. That’s pretty big news and that’s a pretty big scoop. Could have been huge for me. I could have won a Pulitzer Prize or some shit like that. But nobody believed me because they thought I was just making one of my classic internet jokes on the Twitter machine. So now not only do I have to work on April Fools Day, but the work I’m doing isn’t even being taken seriously because today is a day of tomfoolery. It’s just so hard to be me.