Awww, Blue Planet Released A Bunch Of Baby Turtles Into The Wild On Live TV (Before A Seagull Swooped Down And Ate One)

What the fuck was that, Blue Planet? I know these nature shows are all about letting the fucked up food chain play out no matter how cute and adorable the prey may be. I have seen way too many cute rabbits and burns meet their maker as some fancy-voiced Brit calmly narrates its death.

But how are you going to ask the general public to grab the responsibility of helping nature with two hands while you just sit back and watch a seagull grab an innocent baby turtle in its beak? I’m not saying all those baby turtles should be protected for the rest of their lives or some shit. But how about giving them a bodyguard to at least help lead them to the ocean that will also scared away any predator that would even dream of eating them? Nobody likes seagulls anyway. They are trifling birds always squawking and looking to steal whatever food you bring to the beach. I don’t think anyone would complain if they had to be shooed away or maybe even hit with a Wiffle ball bat. Once those turtles hit the water, they are fair game since everyone knows the ocean is dark and full of terrors. But if you let a bunch of cute, helpless, and apparently super tasty turtles loose on live TV, you are going to get a reaction like this after a turtle has been eaten more times than not.

Shout out to this woman for being a professional and swallowing her tears after knowing she sentenced maybe the cutest marine animal to death on live TV.

Also I would be forced to attend another class of Blogger School if I didn’t include the classic video of the kid humanely releasing the mouse he caught in his room before a hawk gave him a first-hand demonstration of the food chain.